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Trip to Coorg - The Real taste of moments

We travel across various paths to encounter staggering emotions that hits our head. Whenever I feel low in my life the only option embraces me is to explore new places. Earth gave us an abundant quest to regenerate ourselves. This time I wanted to a take a leaf from my inner sight about a familiar crush for all mad travelers across the globe including me i.e. Coorg or Madikeri popularly known as Scotland of India.

Two things can never change in this world: One is pleasure of watching a girl with beautiful smile over her face the other is catching a glimpse of fog filled mountains.

Being a traveler exploring new places and enjoying the local recipes is not only matters but also the travel do. My Exploration started with my bestie from Bangalore to Madikeri (Coorg) which is of 300 kms away on my white beast KTM 200cc.I am almost dried up having a long ride.Sometimes,it only needs a push to awaken your energy remain infectious. It was the aroma of wild coffee beans gave me an adrenaline rush throughout indicating that we are near to our destination.

Smiles flashed across our faces as we saw large estates of coffee plantations everywhere within the reach of eye sight. I could see few group of people dressed with head wraps, long boots and with a bin on their backs.Their attire speaks volumes about their passion for profession. Being an enthusiastic we dressed up like them. Being a part of someone’s profession is a way of complimenting them, we did the same gesture that made our day.

Coffee estates in coorg

Classic Coorg coffee is the one of the most exported coffee brands in India known for its heartthrob aroma.I cannot forget about the way we became childish to have a sip of famous coffee that land offers us, it’s a perfect start. Not even a 12 years old wine could give a feel that the coffee gave us.With that Enthusiasm we hit the ground. I am literally on cloud nine watching land filled with greenery everywhere. It is an immense ornament of mother earth who gave us the best with splendid display of blue sky and the cool breeze spreading our souls. Having an early morning ride with your bestie is the best thing one could ask for.

white water in coorg

We’re welcomed with beauty of Cauvery River taking leaps and bounds into the valley. I loved the way fog has spread across the mountains.This is the best ride we had ever. We rode nearly 45 km and reached Madikeri. The natural splendor gave us a feeling that we were not in Madikeri i think this is the reason why it is known as Scotland of India,it’s a truly paradise on the earth.

It is believed that in 30 min we can meet about 20 different region people here on an average.We can see it’s raining most of the day which makes this place an exceptional beauty for the tourists and traveler.

quadbike in coorg

Coorg is not only known for its coffee but it also offers a natural elephant safari which is extremely incredible and adrenaline rushing adventures like white water rafting,elephant safari ride , quad bike riding, trekking.

abbey water falls in coorg

Panoramic land scapes, breathe taking valleys, heartthrob aroma of coffee plantations, adrenaline rushing adventures, great taste of Coorg wine, stunning performance of guides who can speak fluently in foreign languages, Coorg chicken a famous local recipe, home stay near river bank of Cauvery but for intense striving hardcore travelers like us forest stay with a camp fire gave us the real taste of moments in making the trip memorable.INCREDIBLE INDIA!!!!

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